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Plane Reflections

  Well that’s it – MAGIC is on the hard in Jolly Harbour, Antigua – and we are in the airport about to board the plane and May is somewhere …we had to leave her at Cargo. I was distraught. We walked her, fed her and made sure she had plenty of water. But then … Continue reading

Live on stage for one night only – Nic-O-Tine

Sometimes weeks go by and there doesn’t seem to be much to say of any note and then there is a whole book to be written about just one evening! I want to tell you about one such evening. But before I do a short diversion. I have said before that it is the people … Continue reading

Jolly times in Jolly Harbour

Scrubbing and Rubbing and Sorting Who would have thought you could stuff so much stuff on a yacht. We have now spent two weeks – de-junking. Magic has been our home for 16 months and of course we have stuff on her for an Atlantic Crossing and for Cruising – for parties and for everyday.   … Continue reading


We love being in Falmouth Harbour, Antiqua. We are gently swinging on a secure mooring buoy, the wind is reducing, the sky is blue, the sea is turquoise and the sun is warm – we are surrounded by stunning classic and super yachts that make us go “ohhh” and “ahhh”. These yachts are beautiful things. … Continue reading

Anchorxiety and playing with Nelson’s toys in English Harbour – Why Not!

Anchor -x·i·e·ty noun noun: anchorxiety; plural noun: annchorxieties a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome in relation to ones anchor.”they felt a surge of anchorxiety” I will tell you about our Anchorxiety but first a little about Les Saints. Apart from swimming around after … Continue reading

I hate hiking and getting caught with no pants on

I don’t know why I do it but a hike always tempts me. Seeing new things, the adventure and yes, even the exercise interest me. But then I never like it!   I think it is the pace. I like to stop and look at things – a flower, tree roots or the view but it … Continue reading

Wild Steaming Wilderness

Dominica We are in the Dominica channel watching as the definition of Dominica ahead of us takes shape. We had a restless night on anchor in St Pierre, Martinique. Perhaps it is because we never truly have a good night sleep when we are on anchor, as we don’t trust it, or perhaps we were … Continue reading

Oxymoron – Caribbean Customer Service

Now, I don’t want to be negative or moan but..let me .. please let me vent – just a little – Aghurghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – that feels better. I need to talk about Customer Service in the Caribbean. Yes, yes – I know it is a different culture in the Caribbean and I know we are still … Continue reading

Mark is such a Weirdo

It is surprising how close everything is – we slipped our lines from the buoy in Clifton Harbour, Union Island and crept out carefully. It is a little tricky around here when you don’t know your way around – there are strong currents and lots of reefs – a bit of a challenging combination. We … Continue reading

A Deadman in the fridge and Banana Bread

We like Union Island so we decided to stay for 3 nights. Having done some passage planning we realize that it is ok to take time in places we like. We don’t have to be in Antiqua until the middle of March and it is surprising how close all the Islands are. So we can … Continue reading

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