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Jolly times in Jolly Harbour

Scrubbing and Rubbing and Sorting

Who would have thought you could stuff so much stuff on a yacht. We have now spent two weeks – de-junking. Magic has been our home for 16 months and of course we have stuff on her for an Atlantic Crossing and for Cruising – for parties and for everyday.   We don’t know if we will sell Magic between now and December so we are planning on clearing her completely so that if she does find some new owners she will be ready to go. That means all we can have is what we can fly home with!   We will perhaps ship a few things home like our oilskins and boots – not sure. If Magic is still ours by Christmas we will be back to sail again in Antiqua (we have our flights booked for 27th December)

We know as soon as we land in the UK we will miss this…….

IMG_0858We are very good neighbours at the moment as we are giving away lots and lots of things. We have made some lovely friends who are grateful for the stuff and so it goes in yachtie world – if someone wants to get rid of something there is usually someone who needs it.   Life is good in Jolly Harbour. We have a beach BBQ every Sunday on the stunning white sand. There is a lot to do here and great facilities – Mark is loving playing tennis and squash and I am loving swimming in the sea and the pool and singing and singing. We have organized an art workshop and I am doing the Radio Net twice a week which seems to be going well. Today we – that is my new friend and music partner Nick – are playing at The Crows nest in Jolly Harbour and then tonight at Lyme in Falmouth Harbour. Staying in one place enables us to get involved in things more and to enjoy developing friendships. One of the negatives of cruising is that you are always moving on and so it is hard to make new friends. It is really only when you slow things down that you can join in on-shore activities and get to know new people.   As we clean, polish, fix and tidy Magic we are reflecting on our time as ‘live aboards’. We are thinking about all the people we have met and the places we have visited. We are thinking about all the good things and the challenges and how much we have learned.   There is so much in these reflections that I thought I would do two final blog posts. The next one will be our reflections and lessons learned. We are pooling our thoughts on this and we hope that blog post will be useful for anyone considering leaving home – buying a yacht and sailing half way around the world with a dog (or any one of those things)  If you have been reading our blog – thank you

If you have any questions about our adventure just post your question and we will answer honestly!

Our final post we will leave for May’s reflections.

About Love adventure and creativity

mum, wife, sailor, animal nut, author, teacher, adventurer, stand up comedian, friend, entrepreneur.... I love creativity and fun - experiencing new things - walking my dogs - laughing with friends - building and making things like...friendships, businesses and dreams come true


4 thoughts on “Jolly times in Jolly Harbour

  1. Hi Tina, was looking for an old blog from a year ago for a friend came accross all yours too, how long ago that all seems. If you decide not to sell magic you should come into the Pacific it is stunning! Good luck with the future. Roz


    Posted by Roz | April 13, 2016, 5:44 pm
  2. thanks Roz – I am so happy for you guys the Pacific sounds amazing – we will keep it on our bucket list


    Posted by Love adventure and creativity | April 13, 2016, 6:22 pm
  3. I was wondering why you are selling ?


    Posted by Tanya | April 16, 2016, 4:36 pm

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