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On the trail of the Giant Snail and a very Dangerous lunch

It is 07.30am and I am sitting under the Bimini while some gentle rain falls, there is a soft, warm breeze and I am watching the sunrise over the Mangroves in Marigot Bay. The birds are singing and a graceful, grey egret has just flown past, its wings just kissing the glassy green water. The singing Santa on his paddleboard is delivering Bananas to boats and I am thinking – this is a magical moment.   It’s lovely when you notice one of those moments in amongst the rest of life.


Marigot Bay is were the original Rex Harrison version of Dr Doolittle was filmed. I can see why, it is a perfect natural harbor and the light is incredible. I think it is a mini paradise and we are very happy. Yesterday we had lunch on the little beach, which is a natural spit of sand with very tall palm trees. The locals serve delicious lunch – in fact the little beach restaurant is the number 2 place to eat in Marigot Bay on Trip Advisor – despite the fact that there are about 30 other restaurants here including 5star ones at the Capella Resort. Lunch was delicious if dangerous – as we approached we heard a loud crack and a large brown palm frond fell from its tree and landed on a un suspecting diner.   She was only shocked and slightly grazed. We laughed when we got our lunch to notice the note inside the basket.


Lunch was – plantain, breadfruit, lentils and rice and noodles – all carbs so far! With BBQ chicken and creole sauce – yummy.

Later today we are going back to Rodney Bay – we have some reality to meet up with – Mark fell from the dingy when getting on Magic two days ago and he had his iPhone in his pocket – so it is dead. His fall was really nothing to do with the happy hour at the Hurricane Hole. We can add his phone to the list of Apple things lost or dead – my phone is lost and of course there were the two laptops that got soaked and died.

We have 3 reality things to do – Marks Phone, Our VHF and the import papers for May.

We need a phone so we will go to Rodney Bay Mall to buy one. We also have to check if your new part has arrived to fix our VHF – we hope it has and that we can have it repaired on Monday. I have been doing some research to take May to the Grenadines as we would like to go to Bequai and on down to Grenada – we have discovered two things

  1. Her current permit has run out….ahhhh nooo – I thought it was longer than a few weeks – I have emailed the vet and hope they can come to the boat and give us an extension and I hope we won’t be in trouble??
  2. The Grenadines rules seem to say that May has to have been in one country prior to import to the Grenadines for 6 months – and she hasn’t, so not sure what will happen there – The paper work for May is so confusing and I do find it frustrating and overwhelming. But she is worth it and we love travelling with May so we will just fill out the forms and send them our papers and hope for a permit.

Mark has found a sports bar in Rodney Bay so he is delighted that he will be able to go and watch his beloved Manchester United play foot ball on Sunday – then on Sunday evening we are meeting up with Sara and John for supper as they are still in Saint Lucia. On Monday we hope we will meet up with Hans – our friend from Lagos – his beautiful Swan yacht is here to collect passengers for a charter to Grenada. We can sort out the VHF and the papers for May and then we hope we can leave for Bequai on the 19th January for the Mount Gay Music festival, which starts on the 21st.   I am looking forward to the paperwork for May and the VHF stuff being behind us! I am anxious about going to new places because we don’t know what the weather or sea state will be and we don’t know what the mooring possibilities will be – it is strange – going to new and exotic places should be a dream – and it is once you are there and secure – but the unknown is not as comfortable for me as it once was – adventures are a little more challenging as you get older but I suppose that is why it is important to keep doing them – can’t let that comfort zone shrink!!


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4 thoughts on “On the trail of the Giant Snail and a very Dangerous lunch

  1. Comfort is a blanket. I’d give my eyeteeth to be killed by a coconut.


    Posted by scratch781 | January 16, 2016, 9:00 pm
  2. Fingers crossed for you that Mays permit and the VHF all come through! Oh how wonderful, it sounds. Soak it in. we love you and Hiro sends love to his mama xxxx Anna


    Posted by Anna Banana | January 17, 2016, 11:46 am

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