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Happy New Year So, somehow it has become 2016. Happy New Year!


We have been reflecting on 14 months living aboard Magic. It has been an adventure the adjective to which I cannot find. We have learned a lot, hurt a lot, been scared a lot, spent a lot and most of all enjoyed a lot.

Living aboard is not for everyone – there are significant challenges. But the advantages have out weighed the disadvantages for us.

Now we have booked our flights home – Friday 15th April from Antiqua. It feels very weird to have an end point but also good. Honestly we are looking forward to moving off the boat. Having an end point is making us appreciate the time we have now as of course now we only have three and a bit months left. I keep having thoughts and conversations that don’t seem real, like – like that one – 3 and a half months cruising the Caribbean in our yacht – really ? is that our life!!

The plan is shaping up for our next steps. Currently we are in Rodney Bay again. We sailed here from Saint Ann in Martinique and it was a great sail. We needed one of those – sailing when the weather is fine and everything works…seems to be rare.

The only challenge was that we didn’t arrive into Rodney Bay until after dark – never a great idea. We were later than planned leaving the rigger’s dock in Marin and we knew we would arrive in the dark. It was tricky to find the entrance to the Marina but once we did we were in familiar territory. We called in on Ch9 and were given a berth and then to our delight we were greeted by lots of ARC friends who took our lines and helped us settle in. I think lots of ARC people have made Rodney Bay their base in the Caribbean. The ARC really has been fantastic – it is wonderful to be traveling in strange places and meeting up with familiar people.

On New Years day we took a cab to Marigot Bay (yes we could have taken Magic but we were – frankly way to hung over!) we had a delicious lunch and cocktails at the Dr Doolittle Bar and Restaurant and once again met some ARC participants that we had met in Las Palmas. Marigot Bay is beautiful but one side of it is owned by a resort hotel and they said May was not allowed in!! Once we showed she could be stowed in a basket they were happier and let us in – it is odd in Marigot Bay – pretty but commercialized – so mixed feelings.


We have just dropped Gareth off to the ferry from Castries (capital of Saint Lucia) to Fort de France (capital of Martinique) He has been with us for Christmas and New Year and it has been a lovely relaxed time. It is Saturday and our plan for the week end is to try to relax and recover!   Fixing the Mainsail, the Genoa, the Fluxgate compass and the VHF can wait til Monday….on Tuesday Sara and John Templeton are arriving for their 30th Wedding Anniversary holiday. It is funny as they have booked a resort that is right beside where we are at the moment. We are hoping we can sail Magic around to Morgan Bay and anchor – it would be fun to dingy in to see them. We are looking forward to seeing friends and then we have no plans – how odd that is! We are so used to having lots of plans. We have noticed that there is a music festival in Bequai at the end of January and we would like to go to that and Yvonne arrives into Grenada on the 1st February and we would like to see her and Hans. Then there is swimming with turtles in Tobago Quays and the adventure of making our way up to Antiqua for the beginning of March – what a life! It feels like our Caribbean adventure is just beginning really!

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6 thoughts on “Happy New Year So, somehow it has become 2016. Happy New Year!

  1. Don’t forget me!!! I will be there 15-27 of February and I want to see you then. Love, Maggan


    Posted by Maggan Einarsson | January 2, 2016, 4:01 pm
  2. Just enjoy it.


    Posted by scratch781 | January 2, 2016, 4:13 pm
  3. Happy new year to you all ,we have missed not having Magic around the last few days ,last night we reached Rupert bay at the top of Dominica ,had some great snorkelling but then kept awake all night again by shore head banging music (what happened to Bob Marley….lol.) we are making our way slowly up to Antiguia to collect my daughter and a freind on the 10 th of Jan ,we have also lost our bow thruster and having spent a day on stripping the whole thing down we find out they have their own batteries and they are both knackered ,have owned the boat for four and a ha,f years and always thought they worked off two other batteries that work the electric winches and the windlass ,oh well you learn something new every day at this game …more cost of course…Richard and Tracey from ARC boat Why Not ( our blog is Facebook open page Sailing yacht why not )


    Posted by Richard and Tracey | January 3, 2016, 12:28 pm

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