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Six sides

When six people are on a yacht for a long time with different strains on them all there is a lot of anxiety and behaviours change dramatically.   There are six sides.

We do recognise that there are six stories from Magic and we only told two, so on reflection we have removed our post on our story.  We could not have told the others stories as that is for them.

There was one question that has been asked of us and that is if we said  ‘thank you’ to all of the crew.  We said ‘thank you’ all the way  –  we said thank you to them for helping to fix things and for their experience and thank you to for supporting us with the prep and the shopping and the cooking and cleaning too. We said our thank yous in the moment when things were done.

We got across the Atlantic because we had an experienced crew on board – many of them more experienced than us – and that is why we were happy to have them on board.

Many of the ARC crews have talked to us about their crossing and we have  found that they had issues around money or division of labour or just a bad attitude on board.  Most of the boats had things that went wrong – some serious and some not but  in all cases it was how issues were delt with that was the key to everyone enjoying the trip or not. Many boats had terrible trouble – but they pulled together and made the most of it.

It is sad that so many crews have had serious behavioural issues aboard and something  that is not aired enough.  It is obviously difficult for people to discuss.   Andrew Bishop from the ARC has said that many years there are crews that arrive with bags already packed on the deck ready to jump off as soon as they were moored up.   I think it would help people who are preparing for the ARC to think about that. It would help other owners to understand the pressures and dynamics that can build up. It would help to know what is best to do.  We did discuss attitude and behaviour in our first crew meeting but it wasn’t enough to help.

The tension and frustraion that built up for all of us on board was expressed in six individual ways and when people are feeling so much they do not hear.  Perhaps something good can come of this debate for others in future years.

For the record we have and are saying here as we said along the way – thank you to our crew – we did and are saying thank you.

We have all certainly learned a lot.




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One thought on “Six sides

  1. There’s a lot to be said for that old adage ‘ What goes on tour, stays on tour’. Maybe the same wisdom
    should apply to a sea voyage!


    Posted by Annie and Dick | December 17, 2015, 9:17 pm

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