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Ho Ho Ho – Breadfruit Roasting on an Open Fire

Hello from the beautiful Caribbean.  It really is stunning here as Qunicy from ‘Ride the Tide’  is showing you – this is part of the beautiful coast line of Saint Lucia


We are still in Rodney Bay – this morning our water maker is being refitted this process will then continue tomorrow when Magic has to be lifted out of the water for a new skin fitting (hole in the hull) as it was so badly done in Gibralta by Marine Maintenance that it didn’t work the whole way across. In about 20 minutes the last boat arrives into the Bay – she is being towed in – what a tough time they must have had.

We have written about the issues we had with Crew Dynamics and also about the Prep for the ARC and we will post these at the end of this blog.

The Rodney Bay experience is really odd – in many ways.  First of all it is like being in Las Palmas as the ARC fleet are here and everyone is talking about boats and fixing boats.  So it is sort of same shit – different day – as the T Shirt says!   But then there is Caribbean culture – the local people we have met are so lovely – warm like the weather and joyous – they sing and dance and laugh often – I love that.    We have just welcomed in Sea Symphony – our friends from Sail Ionion – they are the last ARC boat in and they had a heroes welcome.  Their engine had failed but they managed that and another issues they had with a positive attitude.  They took the slower southern route and they said it was slow but lovely – a relaxed cruise which they described as fun – they ate well, sang and wrote poetry – how different their crew dynamics were from ours.  They said it was possibly because they didn’t know any of the crew before hand – this is contrary to all the advice but it has certainly worked for them and that is wonderful.  It was lovely to see them all in their crew shirts, smiling and relaxed as they were towed in.

After John, Nisse and Lottie left Simon, Mark and I went on a wonderful adventure down the coast – we sped in a speed boat in and out of some of the bays, swam in crystal clear water, ate in a local restaurant and bathed in a warm waterfall.


giggling like children in the warm waterfall



There are many strange things about Rodney Bay and one of them is the relaxed and open way that drugs are sold and prostitutes and pimps hang around the bars.  Simon is so funny – he said it is a new spin on Chrismas

Ho Ho Ho


We are loving the music and tomorrow night we are gathering on a friends yacht with musicians to sing and laugh – I am learning the reggae versions of some christmas carols – Breadfruit Roasting on an Open fire – mongrels nipping at your toes….fantastic!!

So – we are relaxing into the Caribbean way – we have reggae music on, whilst we rock gently in our new hammocks sipping rum and coke.  Mark is thinking of growing dreads and turning rasta (just imagine )

There is a big party on Saturday night to end the ARC experience and then on Sunday all the boats are leaving to go their separate ways around the Caribbean.  We will be going to Fort de France in Martinique to collect Gareth – Mark’s eldest who flys in from Boston on Sunday night.  Then our Caribbean cruise will really begin.


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4 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho – Breadfruit Roasting on an Open Fire

  1. Wow! Everytime I read this I get more jealous! Living the dream…


    Posted by jolono | December 16, 2015, 4:16 pm
  2. thank you – there is the dream and the reality and you have to live though one to get to the other 🙂


    Posted by Love adventure and creativity | December 16, 2015, 5:26 pm
  3. This story doesn’t contain the whole truth.there is 2 sides to every story,it seems to be a lot of things left out,but have it your way as we don’t believe in badmouthing people in public….


    Posted by Nisse | December 16, 2015, 9:52 pm
  4. Thankyou for the lovely comments from all the crew of Sea Symphony


    Posted by Michael Dye | December 18, 2015, 10:44 pm

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