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Fried Green Tomatoes and a Naked one Legged Man

Its official I love Barcelona

I haven’t been blogging because I have been so busy living and enjoying so many things. Food – Wine – Friends – Family…

It is always lovely to have visitors on Magic and as we were in Barcelona for a month it made it possible. It is very tricky to meet up with visitors unless you know you are going to be in one place for a while. Being sure that you can meet them from their plane and get them back one on time it is the tricky part! But it is so lovely – we have had Sara and Yvonne to stay in Barcelona and now Claire is with us in Menorca.

Blue Blue warm water in Menorca

Blue Blue warm water in Menorca

As I write I am aware that I have a sort of queue in my head – a crumpled muddle of all the senses and experiences – the tastes and emotions. It is reminding me of what the lines look like when we bring our main sail down. But I know if I keep pulling it will unravel. I want to recall so many things but now that I have allowed the time to slip through my hands the recollections are more like an impressionist painting – colours and blur but with emotion

Barcelona – its people, the energy of it, the food the art, the fun

Magic – getting to experience a world class Super Yacht Marina – Port Vell (and Yes – I did like that very much)

Sailing – Our first over night Crossing – Barcelona – Mahon (Menorca)

Unknown-5                                                             Unknown-4

Riggers Eye View of Magic in Barcelona waters

Riggers Eye View of Magic in Barcelona waters

Cala Hopping – Our first time in Magic dropping and lifting ‘the pin’ in bays

Parking – its official I hate parking – Mark is excellent at it, but it is always an anxious time and every Marina is different.

I love being 52 and still having lots of first time experience – I can feel my brain dancing about and doing giddy clapping!

Back to Barcelona….

Barcelona is such a special city. It is young and fun, anarchic and creative. It is hot and sexy, it is charming and intelligent.  When we were walking down the beach I saw a sight that I have never seen – a one legged man – totally naked having a shower – I thought how fantastic – thats Barcelona.  A city that accepts everyone.  The flavours of the city are exciting and three that I have to recall in detail are the Fried Green Tomatoes Tapas we had in a Bar called Benedicts in the El Born area (a favourite) The delicious snails in a small Bar in a small square in Barcelonetta – (if you go to Barcelona – don’t bother with Las Ramblas at all – got to El Born, The Gothic area and our favourite – Barcelonetta. The latter is where the fishermen used to live and where it is still a local community)

First to the Fried Green Tomatoes – The juicy Green Tomatoes are sliced thickly and then coated in some delicious ness and deep-fried until they are brown and crispy. These are stacked and between them is spicy and delicate Guacamole – then some tiny cubes of feta and finally – on the side…. light and luscious strawberry jam!! It was an amazing feast of taste and texture.

Fried Green Tomatoes - Barcelona Style

Fried Green Tomatoes – Barcelona Style

Next – I never knew I liked snails but we had several yummy things delivered to the table and the snails were amongst them. To my surprise they tasted like veal and were in a deep, dark sauce that my tongues’ memory can still recall. The little bar in the little square was rammed with locals and the wine and vermouth was served in jugs straight out of the Barrels that lined the back wall – amazing

Sweets – walking around the El Born area you are guaranteed delightful surprises – one such surprise was the delightful and adorably named – Papabubble …They describe them selves as making caramels artesian – they make traditional hard sugar sweets – but the flavours and the art in them incredible.




I don’t know if they deliver but if they do ORDER some today

As I write we have just spent two lovely nights on anchor in Cala Santa Galdana. We have been swimming and snorkeling and enjoying the perfect weather. This little bay on the South West coast of Menorca is very sheltered and has a sandy bottom so you can see all the way down through the azure blue, crystal clear water.

I know that last paragraph sounds idyllic and it is but of course when you are cruising it isn’t all straight forward and as I have said in other posts things break and get lost too frequently – Currently on the “Lost List” is my Kindle and on the long “To Fix” list the Dingy has now been added as it has managed to acquire a slow puncture. There are other things too but I am so bored of the lost and broken lists that they make me grumpy to recall so I will stop!   We are still getting waves of emotions so high – sailing under the starts and swimming in perfect bays – so low – another lost or broken thing. The honest thing is that we have not finally decided that the highs and the lows are in the right balance to enable us to live this life for years as we had first thought we would. It is hard a lot of the time. You get too hot or too cold – things break that you don’t know how to fix, you get anxious and sometimes even scared. Perhaps it will get easier with time?   We have decided at least that we are going to do the ARC and we are looking forward to that.

Claire is with us until Friday (its now Wednesday) and we are in the fabulous Ciutadella. A beautiful sheltered harbor with an old town and lots of lovely cobbled lanes with independent shops to hunt in! Claire and I are having a ball. It is hot – over 30 degrees and it is not 8am yet!

We will leave Menorca on Friday night and travel to Formentera then on to Cartagena, Estapona and we will be in Gibraltar for the 1st August – this is a lot of sailing for two in only 8 days but we have a lot of prep to do on the boat.   The shopping list for the ARC gear is now all ordered and paid for.

Who knew I could get excited about researching and buying..

  • Schnecker 60 Water Maker
  • Cummins Onan Generator 4kW
  • Doyle Down Wind Sail
  • Iridium Pilot Sat Phone
  • Wifi Bat and Red Box for internet
  • Cat C Med Kit
  • Para Drogue
  • Spares and Spares and LOTS of stuff from Force 4 Chandlery

But of all the things we have ordered I am most excited about the print we are having done on our new sail ….its Magic!

our Magic sail

our Magic sail

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3 thoughts on “Fried Green Tomatoes and a Naked one Legged Man

  1. Just keep enjoying yourselves. The blogs are great and your sail logo
    is “the bees’ knees”!


    Posted by Tony Skiera | July 22, 2015, 9:20 am
    • Hello Tony
      We came home to NM and it was lovely – i managed to go to Ulrike’s Party which was amazing as always. We are still planning on returning to NM as it is our home – we are hoping to buy a home there in 2016 sometime – if you ever hear of anyone around the pond wanting to sell to a loving new owner let us know!! :))
      Miss you and think of you often – we look up at the stars when there is no land light and they are amazing you would love it. And send our love to your chickens and cushion!


      Posted by Love adventure and creativity | July 22, 2015, 12:26 pm
  2. Great blog.


    Posted by Pete | August 20, 2015, 7:29 pm

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