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liaison with a French Tart in Paris

I enjoyed my trip off the boat to Paris.  Having been in Lagos for 6 months being in Barcelona and Paris and London all in one month is amazing.  Three incredible cities.  In Paris on the eve of our meeting with Coca-Cola I was waiting for a colleague to arrive and I was people watching.  I had my trusty ‘laptop’ with me – the sort of Old School note book that is easy to navigate, is very light and portable and doesn’t break if you spill water on it! I took out my pen and began to write.

A Liaison with a French Tart in Paris

18.30 Comptoir D’Issy, Issy-les-Moulineaux:Paris  15th June

A beautiful man in an elegant business suit with perfectly shiny shoes has just walked into the Brasserie.  He sits next to me and opens his laptop and dives into to work.  The waiter approaches him and he orders, not from the menu, he knows what he wants.  The man is consumed by another world until the waiter returns with a glass of golden beer and a plate on which is a very Parisian Patisserie.  The tart looks delicious – thin crispy pastry is the base for pale creamy crème Anglaise which makes a pillow for perfectly ripe plump, juicy Strawberries in a light pink syrup that oozes just enough onto the plate.  He leaves his work and his beer and turns to the tart.  He gives this indulgence all his attention – he eats it like a greedy little boy, fast and furious until it is gone.

I wonder at the combination of Beer and Tart…

The man is wearing a wedding ring and I wonder if perhaps his wife does not approve of such indulgences as this.  He looks fit and slim so I imagine this liaison with a French tart is his guilty pleasure.  What joy!

He has all the armor he needs for his business battles – Mont Blanc fountain pen and Mont Blanc leather folder lie waiting for him on the table. His laptop and phone – wait for him holding his world.  The waiter takes his plate away and I was sure I noticed he seemed a little sad as he turned again to his work.

I wonder about him..I wonder about me – strange as I seem to be of an age where I am on the cusp of appreciating him as a beautiful man and also feeling deeply maternal.

I love Paris

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