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Paint, Parties, Planning and Partings


We have not wanted to blog too much as we thought that actually it might have been a bit dull as we are not travelling or sailing. The days have been whizzing by as we wait for our Mast to arrive in mid May. We have spent weeks of detailed and technical project management whilst staying in an apartment. Then two weeks ago we eventually got Magic back in the water. We were so excited to see her and get back on board. As usual with the wonderful live-aboard community here in Lagos – friends bearing gifts – wine and cups to celebrate her homecoming, joined us for her return.   Of course, as this is Portugal, she was late …but the wine kept flowing and our friends stayed with us until she arrived.   I was overwhelmed to see her arriving into the safe harbour. Hugo – the top guy at Sopromar (the yard that is doing all the repairs)– had delivered her himself.

It was Easter Monday and the weather was foul but Hugo wanted to get Magic back to us so he sailed her himself using his iPhone to navigate!   It is strange with boats as they are not just incredible equipment – they are your home and you feel emotional about their well-being.

At first we thought the paint looked good – We were so happy to be back on board and then when we took a closer look we were very disappointed. How gutting that this work was done poorly and not checked before she was delivered back to us. We have waited so long for her return and now we have to manage the paint defects.

At the moment we can’t say too much about the finish on the paint apart from the fact that we are not happy with it.   The supplier agrees with us that it is not up to standard and they have so far had two guys for a full week making it better. We will have to wait until they are finished and then review it.   If we had our mast and could sail away then the paint issue would be very challenging but as it is we are stuck here so it is just disappointing and irritating and we have the time to manage the situation.

We are ever optimistic and hope that the remedial actions they are taking will fully fix the issues. In the meantime we happy living in Portugal and the sun is Shining!


Of course we love to have fun so to celebrate Magic’s return to the water we had a party – we invited everyone in the Marina and beyond and ended up with around 55 people on Magic for a party that was described as “legendary!” It was certainly fun …everyone brought food and wine – the theme was Black or Magic or both! We had Magic mushroom Stroganoff and Magic Mushrooms on edible earth with toadstools – we had magic wands with popping candy – and Magic dips and lots and lots and lots of Chocolate cake … We made a huge black cocktail of rum and black vodka with Blue Berries and Coke… better than its sounds….

We hired a Magician to entertain our guests “The great Martini” and he was fantastic – close up magic on the deck and in the galley amazed all and became the subject of amusement for days after and days after we were still cleaning ….it turns out that black food and black drinks are not a great mix for the deck!!

Everyone had a fantastic time and the last guests departed at around 4am. Later that next morning we had a couple of local residents ask if we had enjoyed our party!!


Magical Party

Magical Party



On with the planning…We have received our ARC folder – so we have begun further preparations for crossing the Atlantic – not least of which is the research for some major items – a water maker and a generator, a storm jib and a down wind sail – these items will be a further investment of around €40k then we have to ensure we have all the spares we need and all the medical stuff we need. It is exciting planning for our on going adventure. However sometimes I feel like we will never leave Lagos – we have been here for so long!

the track of the ARC boats

the track of the ARC boats

We are also planning what we will do from the end of May until Mid November.   We hope that the Mast and Rigging will be complete, all the paint issues resolved and all our new equipment will be fitted by the end of May (see I told you we were optimists!!) Then the next fixed date is 9th November to be in Las Palmas before our departure to St Lucia on the 22nd November. So during from June to October we have to plan – Currently we are thinking

June – July – August     – Out of Lagos and turn left – Cadiz, Gib, Ceuta, Valencia, or perhaps directly to Barcelona, then Menorca, Majorca, Ibiza then back to Lagos for September

September – November – Madeira, Canaries, Las Palmas

We would love to see my daughter Sara while she is in Barcelona 18th to 24th June but as we have learned to our cost it is not a good idea to have a fixed agenda as sailing is a fickle business and it is much better to relax and go where the wind takes you. (Although I am sure that we can get to Barcelona in 18 days from Lagos!!)


Something we had not considered was the sadness of seeing new friends leave – Nissa and Lottie our wonderful funny friends from Sweden – who we hope will travel with us across the Atlantic – left to sail home as they have to work

Clare and Tony – who took us in at Christmas and have been dear to us left two days ago to go and tour the coast left of Lagos – into the Guadiana river

It hurts!

So for now as we get used to the Planning and Partings and Parties the project and the Paint …– fixing our beautiful boat, enjoying Lagos and having fun with friends and family will have to continue.

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5 thoughts on “Paint, Parties, Planning and Partings

  1. Lovely blog Tina. I would love to be doing what you’re doing. Best to everyone, xx.


    Posted by Pete | April 21, 2015, 1:11 pm
  2. the only way out is through


    Posted by Love adventure and creativity | April 21, 2015, 2:36 pm

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