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Happy Easter Magic


We will move back on Board Magic on Easter Monday – a lovely gift. Her keel and rudder have been checked and she has had a total re-spray and polish. We can’t wait to see her and move back on board. Of course we then have to wait until the middle of May before we have our new mast fitted and all new running and standing rigging fitted.   Once everything is checked we will then sail out of Lagos – it is a wonderful place but we now have seriously itchy feed and want to do what we came for … Sail

While we have been working on ‘Project..Fix Magic’ I have been pondering..

Luxury aboard…

When you have been lucky to feather your nest on land with the luxuries you enjoy – fabrics and cushions and 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, paintings and ornaments and books – you notice that when you live aboard you miss some of these things.

But of course we are sailors who love to get out and sail and we put our boat to the test.. So, fine fabrics would stain or get wet, cushions escape overboard, paintings fly off the walls, ornaments crash and break and books are best kept on a Kindle. It is interesting to notice that we miss these things but equally interesting to notice that we don’t need them. We cherish the luxury that we are fortunate to have. Of course these are things when of course the greatest love of our life are family and friends. Here I am talking – Stuff. I have always loved stuff and as I get older I am increasingly aesthetic and find ugly things difficult! The restriction of a life living aboard is really good for me – I do love shopping but find it is not so much the acquisition of more stuff but the joy of looking and enjoying the things. If I see something I really like now when out shopping I take a photograph of it and enjoy it for a while. It is interesting how soon I don’t look at it any more.   There simply isn’t enough room on board for one more thing!

And now we have our crew for the Arc the Atlantic crossing seems more and more real. We are going to have to downsize the amount of stuff already onboard so we have room to stow the gear of four more people and all the food and safety gear we will need….urm

Magic, the Hanse 540e we live in is beautiful thing in itself – I have totally fallen in love with so many things I thought I would share:

From a technical viewpoint she is a safe and seaworthy sailing yacht – her hull, deck and rigging are all designed to near perfection. I love the teak deck and the clean lines and space as all the running rigging on the deck that goes under the coach roof to the cockpit making lots of clear space to walk on deck as well as looking better. I trust this boat with my life.

Then there is the look of her – Magic is dark grey – which is really unusual in yachts and looks fantastic. (I know we may get hot but then there is always air-con!) Her overall shape is beautiful – lovely lines, as they (who every ‘they’ are – say) the interior is genuinely like a smart, modern apartment and so different from many of the boats that we visit – we love the height and the light and the space. It works for living aboard and we can have up to 10 people around our saloon table for drinks and games and fun. The finish on the wood is warm and stylish and the pale floors and furnishings add to the light bright interior (even if they make me a bit OCD about cleaning!) The Galley works so well and we have a large fridge and a good sized freezer – we are going to need those when we are taking 15 – 18 days crossing 2700 miles at sea with 6 people aboard!   We definitely made the right decision buying our Hanse and now we are advocates and hope that anyone thinking of buying a yacht would not think twice about chatting to us about our decision making process. It was a classic dilemma of live aboard comforts v sailing safety

Another luxury aboard – the ‘facilities’ each of our double cabins has its own ‘head’ or bathroom – two of the rooms have their own fresh water flush toilets and each has a shower. These loos use a lot of fresh water so we are going to fit a water maker. However fresh water in the pipes keeps them clear and fresh.

When water is plenty it is lovely to wake up and shower in our own space rather than having to walk to the Marina showers. Talking of luxury – I was lucky to pack some VOYA shampoo and body wash miniatures which I had from a visit to a hotel – wow the smell of them and the lovely packaging with seaweed illustration – they look lovely in my shower and bring some luxury – then I noticed they are made in Ireland! Check them out – yummy


So, life is good!   It has been a challenging time but now we are looking forward to getting Magic back on the water and sailing to the Med. As we do this we will also be preparing Magic and ourselves for the ARC. We now have our ARC file and will fly our ARC flag with pride. There is a lot to do but that is the fun of it all and all the time we are meeting people who can help and support us.

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One thought on “Happy Easter Magic

  1. So pleased to learn you will be reunited with Magic so soon! Your facilities sound second to none! Aah yes, spare a thought for the poor muffins that amble off to the marina showers! ;’D xxx


    Posted by Anna of the banana species | April 4, 2015, 9:35 am

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