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Love and Lists Make the world go around

Today is Valentine’s day – The girls in the marina have been talking about it ranging from ‘it’s a stupid thing’ – commercial etc to ‘why not have a day to celebrate love and consider how romantic gestures are important?’

I used to be disappointed by romantic gestures that either never transpired at all or that were less than my very able imagination would conjure up. So I have learned that the best way to ensure happiness for all is to make subtle and not so subtle suggestions to help Mark out!! I sent him a menu of ideas – writing in the sand, writing a poem, flowers, dinner, making something…..I left off diamonds and gold as if it is money we are investing then I would rather have a generator and a water maker !!

Last night Mark brought a beautiful and exotic bouquet of flowers – proteus and anthurim beautiful – and this morning we exchanged cards – Mark’s had a beautiful poem in – Then he made me breakfast in bed – perfect!

Valentine's Day Flowers on Board Magic

Valentine’s Day Flowers on Board Magic

Tonight we are going out for a lovely dinner with Jana and James at a local restaurant in the old part of Lagos – that should be lovely too – So Valentines Day so far a big success. The cruising life does place a strain on a relationship – and it is as vital to ensure that is as strong and sea worthy as the boat.


There are several constants when living onboard a boat.

  1. Lots of things get lost and mostly found again
  2. Lots of things need fixing
  3. Lots of things fall in the sea
  4. Lots of excitement planning trips with new friends

I will deal with each separately.

  1. Lots of things get lost and mostly found again

Although Magic is quite a large boat she has, like all boats, limited storage space. So you would imagine that each cupboard has a specific, allocated purpose and that we would know where everything should be stowed. In theory this is correct and indeed many ‘live aboards’ have diagram of where things go and place carefully typed labels on the containers in which things are to be kept.   We seem to opt for the more creative experience which is to vaguely have a place for everything but unlike the saying – everything is not in its place. The result is that every day something gets lost. Then there is the tiresome task of hunting for it.   We should get into that label thing! We even have a machine to make great looking lables – but really……the sun is shining and…

  1. Lots of things need fixing

Heating: The blasted heating is still not fixed – yes, I do think that is 4 months now. It is so boring I cannot even begin to tell you about the incompetence and time and money that have been lavished on our humble mechanism. Enough! We now have a new plan, which includes sorting the bloody thing out for ourselves. It will be fixed by the end of next week. I am cross about it!

Toilet: We felt triumphant when we fixed our own toilet – a part had broken – we ordered the right part – took the toilet out – replaced the part – and put the toilet back – yeah   – perhaps we are getting into the way of this. Great team work.

VHF: we finally got our new icom VHF fitted and after only two days the screen on the outside handset misted up! So now we have to send it back and get the new set repaired – really!? A lot of patience is needed on a boat.

  1. Lots of things fall in the sea

The end of the cleaning brush, a bucket, a spanner…..it is one of those tricky things living on water – you have to always remember about gravity! I have noticed that more experienced boaties are much more cautious when handling precious things like mobile phones and laptops near the edge! At least I have learned my lesson with smaller objects – but all the same a fascinating subject.(not)

  1. Lots of excitement planning trips with new friends

Apart from the actual act of sailing and being out on the ocean with dolphins – seabirds and whale. The next best thing about living aboard is the people – the wonderful, amazing and fascinating people ….all of them with unique stories – tales of the oceans – It would be an amazing book each with a Chapter

Jana – a vivacious – intelligent – spirited young woman who remembers when she was a teen in Berlin and tells her story of the day when the wall came down.

Lottie – a smart Swedish young woman with spell binding ice blue eyes who is a shareholder of a travel company and who’s life was entangled with a horrific murder where the body of the victim was chopped up in bits ….

David – the wandering musician who lives in the hills and who’s sparkling music career came crashing down when he was arrested for Cannabis Cultivation and spent years learning law to defend himself in court

Then there are the stories from other new friends Melwin & Brian, Tony &Claire, Chip & Pin, Andrew& Susan, Jackie &Paul, Clare & Vic, Marco & Christina, Fergie & Anne, Ian & Julie, Lyn&Dick, Lorraine & Chris,

This list could go on and on each encounter a new world of wonder, pain and adventure – each person an incredible book.  Each one of them on a journey.

Looking at this list makes me think about how many incredible people we have met in just a few short weeks and how welcome we have been made to feel. If this is what it is going to be like for the rest of our adventure then we are in for a treat.

We all have a love of the ocean in common and we are all travelling. Lottie and her lovely husband Nyssa are coming with us when we leave Lagos. We are delighted as it is so much easier and more fun with more people on board and Nyssa is a plumber and very, very handy with everything on board. It is clear that we will always find help or crew when we need it as we sail on. Our plans will change like the wind but so far here is what the plan is looking like should any one reading this like to get in touch or come along or visit!

We have been having fun doing Sunday racing – just fun in the bay. Last week we took Gareth with us (Marks son) It was very light air so perfect – except that he almost missed his train as we did not want to resign from the race and it was taking ages to cross the line

some pictures of Magic taken from Scarlett


some pictures here on the boat


IMG_9471 IMG_9472   IMG_9475 IMG_9476 IMG_9477 IMG_9478 IMG_9479 IMG_9480  IMG_9482

We are going soon but for now we are Loving Lagos: not sure about the local menu options however



Lagos to Cartagena via GIB and CADIZ (9th March to 15th March)

Valencia – early May

Ibiza – June

Menorca – July

Corsica – August

Lagos – September

Canaries – October

Caribbean – December


Month Details Miles
January Saint Lucia to Santa Marta, Colombia 815 NM
Santa Marta – San Blas, Panama  295 NM
Transit Panama Canal
February Cruise Panama
 Las Perlas to Galapagos  850 NM
 Cruise Galapagos
 March  Galapagos to Hiva Oa, Marquesas  2980 NM
 Cruise French Polynesia
 April  Tahiti rendezvous
 Cruise Society Islands
 May  Raiatea to Suwarrow  690 NM
 Suwarrow to Niue  540 NM
 Niue to Vava’u, Tonga 230 NM
 June  Cruise Tonga and Fiji
 July  Fiji to Tanna, Vanuatu 450 NM
 Cruise Vanuatu
 Port Vila, Vanuatu to Mackay, Australia 1150 NM
 August  Cruise the Great Barrier Reef

Then who knows where!!

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3 thoughts on “Love and Lists Make the world go around

  1. Great pictures! What an exciting itinerary! Go you! xx


    Posted by Plurabella | February 14, 2015, 12:47 pm
  2. why on e earth are you not botering to cruise the windward Islands???


    Posted by Joan | February 15, 2015, 12:06 am

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