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Happy New Year – here’s to 2015 and all who sail in her!!

Happy New Year

Well it is 2015 and we are now really settled into living aboard.

We did hit a wall where we thought – “what have we done?!”  It happened to both of us at the same time..  The heating still wasn’t working we had lost some things – the VHF needed replacing and we had just found a long scratch on the side of the boat…It’s often the smaller issues that tip the balance.  We talked it all through and then thought – No,  we are in the right lace in the right time and we are going to learn to manage.

Now we are getting into our new norms – We have realised that once you understand that everything breaks and everything gets lost and everything takes longer then you can possibly imagine  – There is a sort of letting go that happens. We have both learned that we are control freaks and we want things to happen fast and within our understanding and skills – but that is not what is happening.  We both feel out of our depth most of the time and the learning curve is not a curve!      But we are going with it because this is a way of life we have chosen and we want to learn to deal with the changes.  For example we have finally learned where we have put everything on board and we are both balancing out work time and play time.

We are never bored and are surrounded by fantastic people.  There is so much to do here as the community in Lagos is so welcoming and fun. There is something to join in everyday and we have all fallen in love with the beach.    Although I think in the Summer it may not be so lovely!    Mark has being going to the gym and doing yoga ( I did one class !!) and we are eating really well. A diet of grilled fish and salads is wonderful – a revelation really.   We have let the days between Christmas and New Year slip by and it was lovely.  We decided to have designated “not fixing things today” – days and that works well!

We had a lovely New Years eve – Indian Meal with 20 people then into the main square in Lagos for a performance by one of Portugal’s biggest stars,  Aurea Sousa  who is a really world class soul singer. Then we were treated to some wonderful fireworks and back to Lazy Jacks bar for some live Jazz and dancing.    It was all great fun and so lovely (and weird)  to be walking around in strange town bumping into friendly and familiar faces.


The weather here continues to be wonderful and if there is a cloud or it drops below 17 degrees then it is very weird!     We still have no main sheet as we are waiting for the black one to arrive.  So when the guys went out dingy racing we decided to have a cocktail cruise on Magic and too her out.  As it worked out Mark took the helm and there were 8 ladies (including May) for Crew.   I think Mark was rather pleased with himself!

Jana brought a water bomb sling on board and we interrupted the champaign cocktails from time to time to fire at the racing sailors!  As you can see from Marks face in the pictures he is pretty happy with his crew!


So life aboard continues  – we think we may have our heating finally fixed (cross your fingers as the nights are v v cold), we have found a new VHF at a good price and a reliable electrician to fit it,  we have new paint to work on the scratch and we will soon have our new mainsheet on board.

We have lots of new friends and we are learning not just about the boat but also critical new skills such as how to play Mexican Train Dominos and how to do yoga!   The internet and TV work really well and we can enjoy box sets and movies which is wonderful.   We are loving being in Lagos.    We still are very busy – but I think we are busy people and have not yet managed to just sit and read a book it seems that having a list of things to do makes us feel that anchor is not slipping!

Next week we are going to do some passage planning with the help of the people here who have travelled far and wide and know some of the interesting places and the ones to avoid.  We have itchy feet and so we may move on before March.

Life is Good

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One thought on “Happy New Year – here’s to 2015 and all who sail in her!!

  1. Great post! A very happy new year to you two too!! xxx 😀


    Posted by ... | January 6, 2015, 4:09 pm

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