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Ups and Downs and why Acetaminophen is my friend

Saturday 13th December – Monday 15th December

We awoke to a howling wind and driving rain. The halyards were banging on the mast and the noise reverberated – clanging and banging into our cabin: Today and tomorrow is rain – grey clouds and cooler. But that is ok as Monday and the following 7 days will then be clear blue skys, sunshine and 18 Degrees – nice. We are not coping very well with chilling out – we keep making lists of things to do. Today top of the list was to wash May and brush out her knots – she really is one salty Mat! I have booked her a groomer’s appointment for the 19th but she was grey and salty so a bath is required!! One thing that we are finding weird is being unrestricted in that we can just leave and sail away anywhere any day – but being restricted in terms of resources – lots of things we took for granted living on land – like power and water have to be managed with more care – but the oddest thing is living with out unlimited internet. This doesn’t feel like a luxury lost but more of a day to day necessity lost.   First we went to the shop and got a card – but we ate that data up in 20 minutes! Then we got another card with More Gig and ate that in 2 hours – now we have more but it may be that this will be gone in days – we are now well known in the phone shop in town. I went on a big adventure (!) yesterday going to Portimao to the Aqua Center – a large shopping center to find out about getting a contract. – But to get a contract you need a tax number and to get a tax number you need to go to the administration office in town – oh hum – chasing bandwidth!

Today is Monday 15th

Down Notes:

  1. Mark has gone to the airport to fly to Manchester – he is going to visit his mum and dad and then go to Leeds to visit the office. I will miss him.
  1. I am doing some laundry and working out how to do SKYPE for all our calls and also I am going to go to town to seek out the beaurocrats to see if I can get a tax number so then I can go and get a contract – if I succeed then I have to get a 12 month contract as that is the minimum!   We have now got the TV and Mac TV working only to find that you need unlimited Internet access to make it work. Surely one-day bandwidth will not be such a rare commodity that is so restricted   grrrrrrrrr
  1. My tail is still very, very sore from the accident during the crossing – I read that this injury will be 8 weeks to heal – pain meds and heat seem to help.
  1. Our VHF radio, Main sail and Heating are all still being repaired and we don’t yet know what the total bill will be!!
  1. Yesterday we took a trip out in the tender – which we have decided to call “Sparkle” – only to see that we had a large scratch down the starboard side – we suspect we must have hit a fishing pot off the coast – rats rats rats
  1. Almost broke my nose – looking for papers in the chart table and it came crashing down on the bridge of my nose and cut it – ouch – black eye for Christmas – hope not (Acetaminophen is my friend)

Up Notes

  1. The sky is blue and the sun is shining
  2. The boat is feeling more like home all the time
  3. We have been invited for drinks on Thursday night so we will be getting to know people
  4. I am going to have time to chill and am determined I WILL learn to sit and read a book
  5. We seem to have enough band width to listen to radio four – VERY happy about this
  6. I am going to explore town today and perhaps go to the beach!!
  7. Having time is LOVELY and a totally new experience
  8. It is lovely to be away from the commercial noise of Christmas in the UK
  9. I have uploaded a couple of the fantastic GOPRO videos of May Dolphin Watching – I don’t know how to upload them to the blog but they are on my Facebook

So it’s all good as the Up out weighs the Downs and it is a great adventure..if a little painful!

About Love adventure and creativity

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4 thoughts on “Ups and Downs and why Acetaminophen is my friend

  1. Hello there. I have been following your blog with great interest. We contacted via OceanCrewLink and spoke some weeks ago.
    I am probably pointing out the obvious that you may have tried however will press on: For web access / bandwidth, if you can find a WiFi signal in port, this should solve your problem (for that location at least). I am a radio engineer by distant background and do amateur radio as a hobby. I recommend finding a good WiFi device, with an external antenna with omnidirectional gain, or even better, directional gain (like a TV antenna). Of course the latter will be a pain if swinging on a hook or mooring but great tied up alongside. When chartering, I have been known to put my WiFi enabled smart phone in a metal colander or metal saucepan lid; this acts like a parabolic reflector antenna and can get a reliable high speed connection over a km or more when nothing was even detected before! Of course you need a password for WiFi gateway but as often these are at restaurants keen for business, this is easily overcome. Just a tip worth passing on!
    With a full amateur radio licence (think ~ A level exam) I can send basic emails and get grib files etc.. via HF SSB radio. Without a licence slightly more expensive hardware is needed, and a subscription to commercial HF SSB email service providers such as http://www.sailmail.com ~USD250/year No www connection but a useful backup for basic email, weather reports etc..
    I am no expert on satellite data networks (expensive per minute/bit) but believe this to be the most ubiquitous solution. I plan to do course covering this, early in the new year so if find much of interest, will pass this on if you are interested.
    Keep up the excellent blog.
    Wishing you warm days and perfect winds,


    Posted by Peter Baker | December 15, 2014, 1:14 pm
  2. Hi Tina
    For muscular aches and pains you should find ibuprofen better that paracetamol (acetaminophen). Loving your adventures!
    Michele Smith


    Posted by Michele | December 15, 2014, 4:51 pm
  3. Communications is a huge issue and problem. You will find all sorts of solutions on various websites / fora etc. We were advised that In Spain Orange is the best value provider and we have an Orange SIM card which we top up as needed. Obviously free wifi is better than phones. We have a booster aerial which allows us to pick up wifi over greater distances. Ours is old and new ones will give even better range. Often we find that by going into a nearby cafe and using their wifi we can still get it from the boat and of course we then have the relevant password. There are also ‘hub’ type devices that allow several machines to connect. I can’t give details as we don’t have one, but have met several other who use this type of system.
    A cynical aside: Chilling out is wonderful – television is irrelevant when truly chilled out!
    Enjoy – Tony Boas


    Posted by Tony Boas | December 15, 2014, 7:31 pm
  4. Thank you Tony – we are not at all chilled out yet – still rushing around – achieving things and making lists!! thank you for your thoughts and advice – had great fun today rushing about and being “busy” must read a book soon!!


    Posted by Love adventure and creativity | December 15, 2014, 7:38 pm

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