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Is that Poo or Rust?……Palm Trees, Blue sky and Christmas Carols

We are now nestling into our berth in Lagos  and reflecting on what a good decision it was to leave Portsmouth and come here.   How can you regret the decision when we learned so much – had such a great teacher and ended up in the sun.  Now every morning we waking up to the view from our windows on board of blue sky and palm trees – oh yes, and a lovely stork family on top of a nearby abandoned chimney!

As I write we are sitting in Lazy Jacks bar in the sunshine – listening to a rendition of Chestnuts roasting on an open fire – as I enjoy the feeling of sun on my skin.  It is odd thinking of Christmas when you are sitting in warm sunshine.  We have been thinking about what gifts we can send – Sardines for everyone ?

I have now caught up with some important things – cleaned the boat, done our laundry and had hair and nails done – human again.  When I was putting some of the laundry in the bag I noticed a brown stain … I just said “is that poo or rust? “– it seemed so matter of fact – and then Mark and I both fell about laughing … it is so weird what you deal with living on a boat.  You may think living on a 54ft Yacht in the Algarve sounds glamorous but actually it is a caravan at sea really – ask any person who lives aboard and it comes down to maintenance and toilets and supplies.  Of course all the Magic moments are worth the little inconveniences you have to live with.

We have been talking about how much weight we have both lost since we left London for our new life aboard – about a stone each!!  we have no car, we are living a much more physical life both on board and walking everywhere and we are eating salads and grilled meats – fantastic!

Lagos is lovely – a pretty town with fantastic bars and restaurants.  We have not gone to the beach yet but we plan to soon.  Time is already slipping through our fingers – bliss!  We are going to take Magic out and run some drills – MOB, Sails up and down, Mooring stern to and bow to  – we are going to anchor off and take the tender to the beach….but perhaps – tomorrow!!

Today we are going to build our BBQ on the Push Pit and cook fresh fish on it for our supper.

Reflecting on the trip I was thinking :

How amazing that I did Portsmouth to Lagos in December and kept on a full set of nails!

It’s good to be a girl aboard – we used some of my red nail polish to colour the new bulbs on the compass and we used my silicon hair serum to stop the squeak at the end of the boom! both worked brilliantly.

We are both working – booking the flights for appointments and all that normal stuff – The balance is great.

Fixing things – we had the following list to fix in Portsmouth:

  • The auto helm
  • The heating
  • The TV
  • The Engine
  • The Running Rigging
  • The Batteries
  • The VHF

…..and despite spending a lot of time and money with people – nothing was fixed.   Two days in Lagosh and everything apart from the heating and the VHF is fixed and working perfectly – amazing!

Our mainsail is another story – we managed to do £1000 of damage in Biscay when our preventer snapped and we Jybed – we have ripped the sail, delaminated some of the tapes and broken every batton!!


The sail maker is amazing in Lagos  and we will have it back for Christmas.

Should you need a sail maker in Lagos:

António Viegas
Fofovelas lda.
Sails covers & rigging
Urb. Rossio de São João
Lote 1 Loja 1
8600-707 LAGOS
Ph. 00 351 917550960
Fax. 00 351 282799425

We also now need a new Main Sheet – Mark went to get one and brought back one – in …Red!  RED!

I have taken it back and asked if they can do a special order of the same rope spec but in BLACK – of course – on Magic most of our lines are black or marl or plain.  It’s odd but the older I get the more and more important aesthetics are to me and I could not have coped with a Red Mainsheet right in front of me as we sailed!!

We are happy and having the time of our life!

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2 thoughts on “Is that Poo or Rust?……Palm Trees, Blue sky and Christmas Carols

  1. Sounds Amazing! Email me so we can organise a skype call!


    Posted by Sara Cowman | December 12, 2014, 1:49 pm
  2. It took us some time to get the stern too mooring drill sorted with just the two of us on Calon Lan, don’t know if you have lazy lines in your marina, but glad we dont have to clamber over the bows now, but can use a gangplank to get onto the quay.


    Posted by suzangriffiths | December 13, 2014, 4:35 pm

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