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No Advent Calender and still waiting for a weather window – but spot and cold sore are gone!

Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd December

Mark and I remembered that neither of us had brought an advent calendar – that must be the first time ever I have not had one – but it doesn’t seem like the run up to Christmas. It is odd – this journey is so all consuming that nothing else is on our minds.
When you are given Lemons make Lemonade – Simon, our world class skipper from SEAWAY (remember this name as it is going to be THE marine industries best company) is busy rigging in a third reef and helping to fix the VHF and the TV – so as we sit we are improving the yacht. We were surprised, again, at the price of things – the rope for the third reef was E297 and the block was E80 – the time invested in this new rigging would have cost us even more but as Simon is on board he is doing it as part of our delivery package – so in the end the waiting is a benefit.

Whilst Waiting we have been forced to eat more light and delicious Bretton Pastries, delicious butter and out of this world cheese and pate also we have had to drink the local cider which is AMAZING – There is an artists quarter here too and the work is exciting and very classy.

As I write, cosy and sipping café au lait in the Hotel Styvel on the harbor front, the wind is howling a gale. We walked may along the harbor wall and she looked like she was testing a wind tunnel! When Simon looked at the sky he said – “Mackerel skys and Mares tails make tall ships use small sales” It is about a force 8 and possible 9 in Biscay – we are happy to wait!! I have noticed that when the seagulls take flight in this wind they seem to just stay in one place – suspended in the air as if tethered to the ground like a gull kite. The spray is being flicked off the breakers over the harbor wall giving us blasts of surprising sea water spritz as we walk into town.

The engineer guys are on board fitting the new batteries – Never thought I would be excited about spending nearly £2000 on batteries –
“whooo hoo we have 10 shiny new Bosch L5013’s “

Mark and I decided to get out of the way – We did some washing in the Launderette ( E10 to wash and E6 to dry – excuse me but that seems a bit much!) we had lunch in a small bar – odd but delicious – tartiflette pizza! And we met Stig again – he really is a cool guy – he lived in LA for years working in the film industry – producing films and also writing theme music. His blog is hakan the swede.weebly.com “hakan on the ocean” I am sure will be a good read. His boat is beautiful with a dark blue hull and classic lines. Stig is thinking of going sailing with out an engine!! all the way to the Bahamas – his only other choice is to stay in Camaret until they find a replacement engine, which he is not sure will happen in a hurry. He said ” well the only issue will be getting into safe harbor in a storm under sail, with no engine it is very very tricky” Brave man!

We have a delicious beef stew on the go for this evening’s meal which we will eat after a short visit to the Irish Bar. Then tomorrow, Wednesday we will continue to sort, tidy and fix and perhaps take the bus to Douarnenez the next town. Today is Tuesday – we keep looking at the weather and it seems that we cannot leave until Thursday Morning – meaning we will arrive Monday 8th or Tuesday 9th December

Meanwhile on skin news – the cold sore up my nose has healed and my spot has finally gone!!

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mum, wife, sailor, animal nut, author, teacher, adventurer, stand up comedian, friend, entrepreneur.... I love creativity and fun - experiencing new things - walking my dogs - laughing with friends - building and making things like...friendships, businesses and dreams come true


4 thoughts on “No Advent Calender and still waiting for a weather window – but spot and cold sore are gone!

  1. So glad that you are in harbour rather than at sea in these conditions. We have always enjoyed runs ashore when weather-bound and exploring new areas. Hope you can stock up on yummy food for the next passage.
    There is a lovely Breton prayer which my girls learnt to sing in a round at Guide camp “Protect me oh Lord for my boat is so small” Thinking of you, Suzan

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by suzangriffiths | December 2, 2014, 6:21 pm
  2. Am following your adventure with great interest! At the risk of becoming an armchair mechanic, did you prove that the batteries were duff or could it be the charging system? I am sure your skipper has sorted this but would hate you to lose power in the middle of the Bay.

    If you are having gales, I would also seriously keep on eye on the predicted wave heights. I had a horrible run down Portugal with 3-4m waves all the way and that was in May, not December.

    Have fun and hope it all goes to plan.


    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Chris Harnan | December 2, 2014, 6:28 pm
    • Hello Chris – sitting with Simon right now – Yes we did prove the batteries were duff – we are sure now we will not lose power in Biscay as we have 10 Shiny new Bosch batteries. We are watching the wave heights – looking like a departure on Thursday am. We are having fun – should be in Lagos by Tuesday ish
      where are you just now – are you in the Med

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by Love adventure and creativity | December 2, 2014, 6:33 pm
      • I am happily in sunny Sussex as boat is ashore in Corfu. Without wishing to be negative yet again, Passageweather is showing 4-5m waves from midnight Friday on your direct track for most of Saturday. Is Simon happy with that forecast? I also see that it was maybe the charging system but always good to have proven batteries in any event. You may also have spotted that I am now at odds with Jim B (the weather guru) over the forecast so that leaves me in a minority of one. I hope it goes well and you get good weather and enjoy the trip.
        Kind regards Chris


        Posted by Chris Harnan | December 3, 2014, 6:55 pm

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