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Penultimate night and what a night …where is Mark’s Passport and LOVELY Andy


Andy from Mayday Marine on the stern with mark – in Brilians helping us get new gear with the boat name and fixing our TV ( not sleeping!!)

What a day…so many jobs to do and the HEATING is still not working – Mark’s lost Passport was the major form of entertainment and gave us about 24 hours of gut wrenching stress – until we finally figured out it was in the loan car …. Landrover had lent us while we got our Defender serviced. We thought it was in that car – but it was not before we turned the boat inside out looking for it! We called the Garage and they said the car would be back at 5.30pm – At 5.15pm we were there but the manager said that the loan car would now not be back until noon tomorrow – OMFG!!!! The delivery skipper and crew are arriving tomorrow – what would we do – call them and cancel and delay by 5 days to get a new passport?
( We know it was 5 days as we had called the passport office earlier in the day)

The guy in the garage told Mark that he could not call the customer who had it as he did not want to disturb them – great customer service but a sleepless night for us. So when Mark told me that the man in the garage said he could not call the customer – I decided I, could not have a sleepless night and I hopped out of the car and into the dealership to plead with the manager”Please could you call the customer and explain our situation…” Thankfully he said YES and their customer checked the car and … YES Mark’s passport was in the loan car – so we CAN go on Thursday morning after all..

We both feel literally sick and tired of all the stress

Luckily there have been some heros and white knights to help us – but our MAIN guy has been ANDY KIRCHER from MAYDAY marine electronics Limited HE is is a super star – he has worked tirelessly in the cold and the endless rain to help us in every way from restaurant recommendations, to gifts of sweets to recommendations of lots of really cool people who have helped us get ready – He has changed our lights to LED, put the life raft into brackets – worked on fixing the heating – fixed the TV – fixed the music, fitted LEDs in the Salon, fitted the safety equipment, made the recommendation to fit a VHF hands free radio – fitted the transciever so big ships can see us ( and family and friends) and lots and lots of other things- He really has been a star – He is a ‘ CAN DO / WILL DO ‘ person and we would not be leaving so happy and well equipped without him – Plus he is funny and kind and knows not only his trade but seemingly everyone in Portsmouth and the surrounding area!
If you are ever in Portsmouth and need help with anything – call ANDY KIRCHER and mention TIna and Mark on Yacht Magic ( he will probably run a mile!!)

Today we had one of our indulgences delivered on board – at Andy’s recommendation – Base ball caps – jackets – polo shirts and T-shirts with our boat name on – as well as helm covers, the sale bag and of course a T-SHirt for May all with “TEAM MAGIC” printed or stitched on
essential? I think so

So tomorrow morning at 6 I am off to Colchester to work with the wonderful Essex County Council… and Mark is on the boat with May

I will be home at 8pm – meanwhile Mark will stow the food shopping – put markers on the anchor chain – collect the skipper – get the life raft fitted, register the EPIRB etc etc

what a VERY BIG adventure – we can not believe that we are finally ready

Thank you ANDY KIRCHER -from MayDay Marine you are mad as a box of FROGS but also hard working, funny, experienced, well connected, focused and CAN do .. we love that you have helped us with literally Everything we have needed to make our passage safe and happy

There are so many other thank you’s to do — we will continue the list – but ANDY is at the TOP

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One thought on “Penultimate night and what a night …where is Mark’s Passport and LOVELY Andy

  1. After all the traffic on the CA Med Net, I am following your blog with interest to see how it all goes. I genuinely wish you every success and do not wish to appear at all negative.
    I do however sense the stress and worry in your blogs and have to say this was all totally predictable. I suggested on Mednet that you stayed in UK for a few months and sorted the boat and got to know her before you left (as well as avoiding potentially nasty weather). Sailing success is all about avoiding deadlines and impeccable preparation. Your lack of time for proper preparation will, I fear, not allow you to enjoy what should be a great moment.
    Go well and good luck.


    Posted by Chris Harnan | November 26, 2014, 1:06 pm

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