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Photographs of our first day out on Magic and thinking about the Bay of Biscay in November!

We have been moored up in our snuggly Port Solent since we moved on board on the 6th November. Big Brother House voice – Day 18 on yacht Magic!!

Sanna Daw and Phil Wood our friends and neighbours from London came to say on board – they were our first live aboard guests – We decided to take Magic out to test systems – we haven’t got our Main Sail back yet – we are having a third reef put in!  ( that is to make the sail smaller for high winds – thinking about the Bay of Biscay in November!)  Sanna is an excellent photographer and had a lovely camera – I thought you would like to see the images she captured as we moved out of the marina into the harbour – Portsmouth Harbour is really great – Spinnaker Tower, Navy installations, The Marie Rose….The images are at the end of this blog.

Thinking of the Bay of Biscay –  thought by sailors to be one of the most treacherous stretches of water in the world – so of course it  puts fear and dread into most amateur sailors hearts.  The reason for the weather issue is something to do with the power of the Atlantic Cramming into a horse shoe shaped area….I think! more research needed.

I was  told – “oh no – you should definitely not cross Biscay in November – wait in the UK until the Spring”  and “You won’t get insurance to do the crossing at that time of year”      But – being a classic Polar Responder – that sort of comment made me all the more determined that we should go.

The Cruising Association recently ran a course on crossing the BofB  but as we are going with a professional skipper – we thought that would be the best course you could get!  He tells us he has done the crossing many times at this time of year and what you do is creep around the coast and then when you get close to the Bay of Biscay you wait for a good weather window and go for it!  We have all the safety gear on board and the right clothes – There will be four of us humans sailing – and May  – we thought that someone could always be on ‘May watch!’  to make sure she is safe and happy.

We now have the GoPro and the Olympus Tough so we will be able to capture images and video of our crossing.     Not sure when I will be able to post a blog again as today  – Sunday 23rd we are with Marks boys, then this evening I am driving to London to stay with Sanna and Phil, Monday is all day working  – depart at 6am to Cambridge then home on Magic in Portsmouth by 9pm – Tuesday is final Preparation – important things like having my hair and nails done and getting May to the groomers!!!!  Then Wednesday I am running part of the Senior Leaders Conference for Essex County Council – then home to Magic to see our Skipper Simon and Peter the first mate – settle in and prepare the Yacht for our trip.  Then, Thursday morning early we leave for Portugal!

We are setting up our Tranceiver on Monday and from then you should be able to track us on http://www.vesselfinder.com  or similar – when we have registered our AIS details (what ever that means)  We have so many new letters – we will have an AIS we have an SSRI and we have an MMSI   oh er

Any way here are the pictures of our Maiden Voyage in Portsmouth Harbour  – thank you Sanna

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2 thoughts on “Photographs of our first day out on Magic and thinking about the Bay of Biscay in November!

  1. Hay and I don’t see you say anything about the team from mayday marine x


    Posted by Andy | November 25, 2014, 4:59 pm
  2. Hope your dreams are now a reality, Rev BIM off Wooza


    Posted by Michael Johnson | November 29, 2014, 10:02 pm

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