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This is it The Dream Begins! Tonight we have our first night on our yacht (aka Mobile Home)

Neither of us could sleep last night!  We had been tracking ‘Magic’ across the sea as she has sailed towards us.  She left Bruinesse on Tuesday lunchtime and only got a little way before she had issues with her auto pilot.  As the skipper said he didn’t want that to be playing up whilst they were in the busy shipping lane!  – good call.

The Auto pilot fixed they headed out again and yesterday at 11am were just off Ostend – Belgium.   They are making good headway – even if there is a LOT of rain.  Their eta at Portsmouth is 4pm.   So we have used the dishwasher for the last time and made sure we have washed all our clothes in the Washing Machine – I am sure I should have had a dishwasher and a washing machine fitted in the yacht!!   We have packed all the things to go to storage in Leeds and we have packed – what looks like very little to go on the Yacht.  Our trusty Landcover Defender is stuffed to the rafters and we will be driving to Portsmouth at lunchtime – yes I know we will get there before 4pm but we want to have part of our dream fulfilled – that of seeing our own Yacht sailing into harbour towards us!  – Thanks to Phil and Sanna our neighbours – we can leave the dogs at home this trip and delay their meeting of the boat until the 6th when we all move in.   Tonight Mark and I will sleep on Magic for the first time. We are both so excited and full of anticipation, excitement, doubts and fears – it does feel great – alive – visceral.  Our heads are full to busting with things for work, logistics things, exciting hopes and dreams, lists and lists and all manner of other things!   However we are both just having coffee and eating toast and Jam as if this was just another day – but it really isn’t.  This is the day we move off the land and onto the water.

We are looking forward to seeing friends and family in Leeds and Manchester and we are excited to be welcoming a new consultant to think next week so Monday – Wednesday we are doing induction and training.  We are also working with our team at outside the box – so the businesses continue strongly which is great.

We are explaining that we are not retiring just living and working differently.

On Thursday 6th we were hoping to leave Nun Monkton and drive directly to Portsmouth but now we have a client meeting in Kent to do on our way down!  funny – the dogs will have to stay in the car.  They will be fine as it is cool but of course it made me think of how we will ensure they are happy and safe if we have to leave them alone on Magic if it is warm ….urm  more thinking and lists.

We know that we will work it all out and take each new challenge as it comes – we are happy and healthy and positive.  We are not delusional however and we know there will be challenges – not least of which is the health and well being of May and Bear – We are going to keep an open mind about if this new life will suit them.  We are pretty sure May will be fine – small and white!  but Huge and Black is not perhaps the best design for a yacht in the sun.

But for now we will focus on getting ourselves to Portsmouth and fulfilling the bit of our dream where our boat comes home!

Here we go… foto 2

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2 thoughts on “This is it The Dream Begins! Tonight we have our first night on our yacht (aka Mobile Home)



    Posted by Sanna | October 30, 2014, 8:39 am
  2. http://www.laundry-alternative.com/product/The-Wonderwash I found this!!!
    that is so exciting xxxx Anna


    Posted by ... | October 30, 2014, 10:02 am

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