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5 Days before our boat leaves Holland for Portsmouth

I have been having a ball – filling in insurance forms and registering the boat with the Small Ships Register and Dealing with the banks and managing the exchange rate!! No really, it has been wonderful and to me even the graft and realities of dream making are fun. It all means we are getting there. Of course everything has cost more than we had planned. I think someone on the Cruising Association site said they spent £50 000 on everything – I thought wow how did you manage that ! – Now I am understanding how!! It could also be to do with the categorisation methodology – There are a number of lists and even the lists have lists!

1.Safety Items – Have to have now and have to have in Nov 2015 for the ARC
2.Day to Day Living – Must have – Now and Later
3.Luxuries – Like to have – you know like the Port and Starboard Socks !

The Packing Begins - Spot anything I don't need yet?

The Packing Begins – Spot anything I don’t need yet?

Then there is the other list and this is possibly my down fall- an off piste – off radar rather – list of my guilty pleasures – technology!!

On that list is a Go Pro and all the accessories – Perhaps I can decide that is actually part of list 1
I would love an iPhone 6 – the large size please
Oh and a new iPad!

Enough of shopping (for now)

In addition to working on our dream I am also (to my huge surprise) a realist and am also enjoying working with my clients and building my business – ‘think’ to be better and better. The kids are going to come to Portsmouth for a ‘House’ Warming and I shall use my new favourite item My lovely shiny new Mr D’s Thermal Cooker – it really is amazing – put all the stuff in it in the morning – and leave it OFF the heat and supper is ready when ever you want it – Last night we had a beef stew and it was delicious – I ordered the cook book and the extra pan with the pot (of course I did! but it was a deal) one of the Recipes had a great name so I cooked that Lamb Machboos! You throw everything in the pot heat it up then put the pot in the outer thermal case shut the lid and leave it – Genius and no power – except at the start.

Lamb Machboos is basically 1KG of Lamb with garlic, tomatoes, Lemon Peel, onions, basmati rice and lots of lovely spices – Coriander, Cinnamon, Cloves, Paprika, Cardamon, Nutmeg, Cumin, Black Pepper – then serve with Cucumber and Yoghurt and Pita Bread – Yummy – I was imagining serving this up to a hungry crew!

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