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The night before …

Before I die I WILL sail around the world

Before I die I WILL sail around the world

This is the night before the week when all our plans start to come together.  I have had a chat with Bear and May and they are concerned but going with it!

Next week we finalise the purchase of “Magic” the money will be exchanged into Euro and sent to the dutch Notary – our son who is a lawyer is travelling in Peru on holiday so we will have to go it alone on this.  Our surveyor has been excellent and we watched his sea trial video and reviewed the hundreds of detailed images he took of our new home.  He is going to be the one that checks that all the work has been done to a professional standard and that she is good to go.  Then on the 27th our delivery crew arrive and on the 28th they set sail for Portsmouth.  We are planning to meet her on the 29th or 30th and get stuck into the business of stowing our gear and getting more stuff – including getting measured for her smart new Bimimi which will be designed and created prior to Mark’s departure across the Bay of Biscay to Lagos on the 28th November.  We have our Oilskins – we bought them via the Cruising Association – Henry Lloyd Elite – v smart and Bear and May have their their life jackets too.   We are going to get personal epirbs and spin lock life jackets and harnesses – but we will get all that from Pip at Force Four when we get to Portsmouth.  A huge order will all manner of safety gear is being sent from Force Four to Holland for the delivery crews trip across to Portsmouth.  Our boat was used by the previous owner for trips around the coast to entertain clients – but we were still surprised that there was not safety gear.  The flares we had to buy from the chandler in Holland as we could not ship those.   We are doing the ARC in November 2015 and are diligently following their list of safety equipment – not only so that we do not have to buy twice – but also so we are sure we have the right gear for our crew and for us.

It is a strange feeling – being on the cusp of such a big life change.  Some doubts but mostly extreme giddiness and much spontaneous dancing and laughter.   Tomorrow more lists!  we now have lists of lists …. fingers crossed the Euro works in our favour next Thursday … Oh and must order more dog food and water tight containers, and ………….

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