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The Salty Sea Dogs

More about who we are

We have been asked to share some insights in to our Salty Sea crew so here we are – Mark and I are both  in our early 50s – we are parents with two grown up children each of whom we love and are really proud of.  In business we are entrepreneurs and have worked hard over the last 35 years building businesses and loving it (well mostly) We have an advertising agency  www.outsidethebox.co.uk and an innovation management company www.thethinkteam.com  We are proud of the acheivements of both these organisations and we love working with the amazing teams and clients we have around the world.  We are looking forward to continuing our work from our new watery home!  I ( Tina) am from Belfast and have been around boats since I was born – I learned to sail with the Ocean Youth Club – OYC and also worked for them – sailing a 72ft Ketch from Holyhead to Bergen and back – via the Caladonian Canal and North Sea and around the fjyords – I have experience a force 10 gusting 11 in the North Sea and also the calm cruising of the Greek Islands  – Mark learned to sale when we got married and we love sailing together.  Mark says he loves being on a yacht with me as it is the only place where I do what I am told!!  I think that is true.

The other sailors in our crew are Bear and May.  Bear is a three year old Bernese Mountain Dog – she is a Pets as Therapy dog and we are hoping that she will be able to carry on her good work in childrens homes and hospitals as we travel around the world.   May is a six year old Maltese Terrier and is the Boss!  Neither dog has been to sea before and we have not sailed with dogs on board so this is a big adventure.  We have a lot of concerns about their well being (and ours) but we simply love them and cannot imagine leaving them so here we go!

tinadavies_1330436232_280 This is me – Tina, doing what I love most

Mark Bear and May - the Salty Sea Dogs

Mark Bear and May – the Salty Sea Dogs

About Love adventure and creativity

mum, wife, sailor, animal nut, author, teacher, adventurer, stand up comedian, friend, entrepreneur.... I love creativity and fun - experiencing new things - walking my dogs - laughing with friends - building and making things like...friendships, businesses and dreams come true


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