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Almost there now…

Well this is it – our first entry on our new blog.  It has been an incredible journey – who would have thought that making a life long held dream come true was so hard.  When you want something bad enough – I do believe that you can make it happen.  And we have – well almost.  The children are thriving and building their wonderful lives and family are all well and so we thought – lets do it … lets get out on the Ocean and have an adventure of a lifetime – Why not!

We will be living onboard her from 1st November in Sunny exotic Portsmouth, then in early December, we will set sail – initially to the Algarve then on….
Perhaps we will be having Sardines and not Turkey for Christmas.  When I say we… I will be ‘sailing’ on Brittany Ferries and Mark will be travelling with our amazing professional crew – Yes crossing Biscay in December – a journey of 12 days ( or more dependant on the weather)

We are building our sailing experience so we consider taking a professional Skipper and crew is important on more challenging crossings to ensure we have fun and we are safe.

We will be popping back to the UK for work things and family things – but as none of the kids are planning on marriage or kids anytime soon we thought – “Urmm , we could live anywhere so why not..live anywhere”  We are not retiring we are um – adventuring – to us its a new way of living – not stopping work – just working differently  – for us it is a more exciting and innovative way to live life.  So the plan?  well it is only really broad right now – which we love

We will be tootling around the Med until October 2015 when we will be in the Canaries in preparation for crossing the Atlantic to St Lucia in November– We have already booked our place for ARC 2015 so we are committed

So weather it’s a visit to the Med in 2014 or to the Carribean from Dec 2015 we hope you will join us at some point.

We will still be in London until the 30th October, then we are popping to Manchester to say hi to family then we are heading to our beloved Nun Monkton for few nights and then  then we are driving to Portsmouth where our boat – previously “il Sogno” soon to be renamed “Magic” will be delivered from Holland.

Of course our gorgeous dogs Bear and May will be joining us for the Adventure – they will soon be salty sea Dogs

We hope you like her – you can turn the volume down unless you speak dutch!


Hope you like her as much as we do

Here we go!

About Love adventure and creativity

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2 thoughts on “Almost there now…

  1. Hi Tina and Mark,

    What a fantastic plan! I wish you both (or all, including May and Bear) very well with it. Your Hanse looks far more luxurious and well equipped than than our home, and will be fantastic when moored and in fair weather, but have you thought of ‘hand holds’ for when underway? The adage ” …and one hand for the boat” might require a bit of thought prior to Biscay judging by the video.

    Also, as a dog (and cat) lover who has decided against taking four legged family on board our boat, I’d be interested to know how you will keep the dogs safe and comfortable in rough weather. I have thought long and hard about this and eventually decided that there was a risk that I would be putting my needs and wishes before the well being of my furry family members, so i will be really interested to hear of your arrangements and experiences.

    Once again, good luck with your exciting plan.


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    Posted by Eric Karas | October 19, 2014, 5:52 pm
  2. Hello Eric
    thank you for your comments and well wishes – yes you are right we do have to be aware to hand holds – and come to that sea berths – we almost bought an Oyster for that reason – The Hanse has more hand holds than she looks – but Mark and the pro crew will find out on their crossing in December. Of course as life long dog lovers we are concerned about the many dangers aboard and ashore for May and Bear. We do not yet know all the issues but we have to try. We had a foster home for Bear organised but she broke through a glass door and jumped a cattle grid to get to us – and we are stuck in the horns of that – take or do not take them. So on balance we are going to take them. We are not exposing them to the Bay of Biscay in December – other than on the ferry with me! and we are sure that in Lagos in December they will be fine – we are going to take one step at a time and see how they adapt and cross bridges as they arise. I can tell you are a dog lover and understand your decisions too. Thank you for your interest and we hope we can tell our story to help others make informed decisions too
    More from Bear and May too!


    Posted by happy and healthy survivor | October 19, 2014, 9:57 pm

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